Video made with the technique of the animation frame by frame , drawn and performed by:

Sebastian Schmidt-Urzua, from Clang 015

The Revelation According to Frank Benkho

Gathered under the premise of improvisation using analog electronic instruments in real time, this collection of four pieces, specially prepared for clang, is a collection of experience accumulated during long sessions of learning and discovery. Picking up the techniques and restrictions of old school electronic music, as well as abandoning the use of modern music making software to generate and process sound, The Revelation According to Frank Benkho arises as a challenge of returning to the places of origin, to what is simple, to the fundamental emotion of creating music and enjoying what you hear.

The use of sequencers and analog synthesizers invariably transports us to the tranquility of the hypnotic and repetitive music of past decades; but it is in the free improvisation and haphazard overlapping of layers of sound, recorded in distinct moments, that takes us out of the linear mathematics of exact repetition. The absence of traditional rhythmic sources allows us to submerse ourselves without hurry nor pressure, into the melancholy atmospheres of these four moments of sound.