octubre 6, 2013

This release is a collection of five works that focus on rhythms of razorsharp precision. The minimalist character has the musical elements shift clearly and freely from foreground to background but sudden bursts of concentrated information betray the seemingly very sparse and austere musical vision.

Equipo – aka Juan Cristóbal Saavedra – avoids the obvious and trivial in his selection of sounds and treatment. Instead, he suggest individual, almost subjective roles where elements take on intentions and desires that play with our perception, just as characters in a theatre play. The result is some intriguing formal layouts that, while often maintaining a development of increased tension towards a focal point, suggest other possibilities and thus becomes an unusual musical vision. It is precisely this inner dialogue that keep our attention locked into Equipos music. Produced by Juan Cristóbal Saavedra aka Equipo at Spain, France & Brasil between April and August 2013.

Video by Sebastian Schmidt-Urzúa



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